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A Plaster A Day

  • Welcome to A Plaster a Day!

    Welcome to A Plaster a Day!

    Hello my name is Naomi and I am a qualified nurse and doctor in training. I started “aplasteraday” ages ago because I am convinced that you can achieve more and be stronger as a community than if you act alone. The topic: “sustainability”, is a very big part of my everyday life and I love […]

  • Bee Happy!

    Bee Happy!

    I am a really huge fan of bees, I recently discovered a nest in between my window frame and while others may would have called someone to remove it I was happy about it and joked around. So this is their new home and I am a proud bee mamma! So you know I already […]

  • Are we Nyanja?

    Are we Nyanja?

    Hello and welcome to a new Blogpost. This time of the year, when you walk through Basel and you don`t really know if it is already spring, summer or if winter is still waiting for you to put your winter coat back in the basement, so it can surprise you with a heavy snowfall, I […]

  • Planting trees, while surfing online?

    Planting trees, while surfing online?

    Hello my dear readers, This week there is a very small patch, but I hope this little tip can make a huge change, because anyone can do/use it. Doing something good while surfing online? With the search engine Ecosia this is easy, the more you research the better for the environment. For every search, Ecosia […]

  • Simply changing the world! 10 little things you can change in the New Year:

    Simply changing the world! 10 little things you can change in the New Year:

      First of all, all the best wishes for the New Year. I wish everyone a good beginning and would like to thank all of those who read my blog regularly. A warm welcome also to all new-readers. Inspired by the project: “We are what we do”, directed by Patricia Taterra, and her accompanying book, […]

  • Update


    Hello, As you may have heard in the news over the past few weeks, the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change) report has been released on October 8th. It explains how the current climate warming affects the earth and that it will not be enough to keep global warming below 2 ° Celsius, but […]

  • Light at the end of the tunnel

    Light at the end of the tunnel

    From times to times, I have the feeling of beeing lost in the darkness of my thoughts. I end up just thinking of all the things that are wrong and it is difficult to look at the bright side of life. On days like these, I’m very happy to have my boyfriend who shows me […]

  • Oh Honey!

    Oh Honey!

    As a nurse, I can tell you that honey is a real all-rounder, did you know that honey not only has an antibacterial effect and strengthens our immune system but helps to cure burn injuries even faster than other treatments? Honey is made out of 75% invert sugar, that’s why even if it is healthier […]

  • LEON


    Hello everyone! Sadly, last week I couldn’t upload a blogpost because I was in London and I had no internet all week. But now I’m back with a little London special. I hope you had a great week and without any further ado lets talk about what i’ve stumbled upon. Today I want to talk […]

  • Amazingly local…

    Amazingly local…

    And another week has passed so quickly and it is time for another blogpost. I hope you’ve had a great week and are ready for a new one. I have really a lot going on right now but I try to keep you updated and even my website had a little update. I hope you […]

  • Spring can come now!

    Spring can come now!

    Today is all about trees and plants here, I don`t know if you know but I am very bad at gardening but I always try to blame it on my apartment. I`ve chosen this matter because I hope that it won`t be that long until spring is finally here. So I have browsed around some […]