Welcome to A Plaster a Day!

Hello my name is Naomi and I`m a nurse. As a nurse you have to be patient, have energy and empathy. Almost everyday y use those skills to help other people around me.

A view years ago I started to be interested in a special patient, some of you think they know him, others try to get to know him everyday a little more. And those who really look closely maybe have seen that he is not in his best circumstances. If you have noticed, I`m talking about the earth.

The earth is the only patient, Where I`m starting to loose my patience. We don`t have enough time to study his wounds or his diseases.

We have to act like nurses. Everybody can make a change even if its just in his family, community, school, friendship circle…

You don`t need a special graduation to recognize that some things are going really wrong on this planet.


We are destroying our life, the life of our neighbors, every life on this living earth and the worst, we are destroying our future!

But I did not came here to tell you everything we are doing wrong. I`m here to tell you there is hope. Only that you can`t put the World in a big hospital and hope that she gets better again. No, we have to transform the earth in a big hospital, full of nursing people, therapists, doctors, helpers. Together and in independent groups we can make a change.

Just rip a plaster a day, without being scared what you may find behind it.

This Web page should become a long report, about everything that we do, projects, organizations, histories. Everything what inspires others to make a change.

The history of a hospital who is trying to save the earth. Who is like a mother, we only have one.


So respect her, cure her and save her!

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