Welcome to A Plaster a Day!

Hello my name is Naomi and I am a qualified nurse and doctor in training.

I started “aplasteraday” ages ago because I am convinced that you can achieve more and be stronger as a community than if you act alone. The topic: “sustainability”, is a very big part of my everyday life and I love reading about new ideas in this field in my spare time.

At the beginning of my education, I even studied geosciences for one semester, but this did not fulfill me as much as medicine, which is why I decided to follow a different career path. Nevertheless, I am burning for the mentioned topic and I am always open to learn new things in this field.

I am also convinced that in the sense of One Health, the health of the environment and therefore of the earth and its inhabitants is firmly connected.

The website is meant to be a rapport of different topics and ideas. Since I believe that more can be achieved with positive input than with doom and gloom, I will try to make the website as positive as possible and hope that this can also be done in the comments. But I am open to constructive criticism.

A plaster a day, means you can’t change everything in one day, but if you implement one small deed every day, then each individual can help make a big change. And with that in mind, I would be happy if I can inspire people with the website to change even small things and make a big difference.







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