Since I first entered the Changemaker store, ethic kisses aesthetic, I wanted to tell the whole world. I was overwhelmed by the little world I was put in. A place where everything gets considered. Innovative and fresh you get a cozy feeling when you go shopping there. A wonderful fragrance prevails throughout the room and the employees are very friendly, mindful and helpful.

What is so special about this store?

Like the name of the store, it`s all about the change that the producer wants to achieve with his product. Behind every product and their producer is a story to tell, which is included in every purchase and so you can see where your money is going.

The focus is on the environment and the nature. Every item is marked with different icons, that show if the product is: Organic, Handmade, Fair&Social, Eco-friendly, Recycled, Energy-efficient or Swissmade. The different symbols are explained more efficient on their website, but i don`t want to spoil you.

The team of Changemaker, puts a lot of work into the different projects, with fair remuneration of the manufacturers and of course as a selling point for their products.  Simultaneously they rely on customer friendliness  and are open for questions. Not only for yourself but also for gift shopping Changemaker is very recommendable. They have beautiful, creative and handmade gift cards.

How have I heard about Changemaker? 

I had a long talk with a study colleague about fair trade clothes and was complaining about the fact that in Basel there are no stores with fair trade clothes and I was also worried about the health and the life quality of the people producing our clothes and products. The fact that most of my clothes are probably made by children is creeping me out. Then she said that she thought that in the city centre there was a little store specialized in fair trade production. As I was walking around the Fischmarkt in Basel I found the Changemaker.

What do I want to do next?

I would like to go to one of the events that the Changemaker hosts sometimes and maybe write another post about it. The next time I buy something I will probably write a post and tell you about it.

If you want you can also check out their website or enjoy the great feeling of entering one of the stores for the first time. They are distributed in some great cities around Swizerland.

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