Coffee: A real piece of jewellery

This week, I surfed around the internet for you and reached the sea of Melbourne.  Of course I didn`t just look around to find some surfspots to escape the cold weather here, I actually found an amazing woman who I’d like to introduce in this Blogpost. I hope I can bring some warm thoughts to you, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Marie Lefebvre, the woman who I dedicate this post to, is a french designer and uses old coffee grounds to make jewellery. The coffee grounds she uses, come from local coffeeshops in Melbourne.

What I like most about her, is the simplicity, in which she explains her projects. Her products and the sustainability of those are in the focus of all her work. An example of her amazing work is a tabletop she built using coffee grounds. Today she also makes jewellery with them.

She only works on products, which she really wears or likes to have around like furniture for example. She uses almost every kind of material to re- or upcycle.

The following link shows a really interesting Interview with her:

What I also like about her, is her definition of sustainability, she thinks that it`s not necessary to produce new things but instead wants to create new things out of old stuff. Even the energy gets used in a conscious way by drying the coffee without an oven. She thinks that it`s better to have a slow designing process. According to her conscious production could be the key to a better future.

Unfortunately she can not yet pay the rent with her sustainability projects but she does already a great job and works only for companies that fit into her ideology. I think she is a great role model for others and of course for me as well.

I have decided to support her a little bit by ordering one of her necklaces (I think it was even the last one), I will show you, as soon as it gets here but it might take a while…

I hope I inspired you or she inspired you ^^, let me know if you fell in love with the products as much as I did.







2 responses to “Coffee: A real piece of jewellery”

  1. Anne Gallati Avatar
    Anne Gallati

    Liebe Naomi
    Ich bin begeistert von deinem Blog. Ich selbst gehöre nicht unbedingt oder noch nicht in diese Weltanschaung, eher bin ich mit dem, wie unser blauer Planet aussieht, mitverantwortlich.
    In meiner Zeit war Green Peace voll im rennen, war Mitglied und wollte alle Delfine retten.
    Heute unterstütze ich mit meinen möglichen Beiträgen die Krebsliga und Medzin son Frontiere.
    Mit den Jahren ändern sich auch die Einstellungen, da wir Jahr für Jahr neu dazu lernen.
    Wichtig ist, das jeder Einzelne einen kleinen Beitrag an die Umwelt oder an Menschen die Hilfe benötigen, Leistung tragen.
    Macht weiter so. A.G.

    1. Naomi Fumarola Avatar

      Vielen Dank, für dieses positive Feedback, es ist schön auch Menschen mit einem etwas anderem Weltbild, mit meinen Posts zu erreichen.
      Ich finde es toll, dass du dich für verschiedene Organisationen einsetzt. Ich setze mich gerade dafür ein, dass jeder einen kleinen Beitrag an die Umwelt leistet und hoffe natürlich auf weiteren Anklang zu stossen.
      Schöne Festtage


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