Hello, it`s great that you have found your way to my website, this time I will invite you for dinner. I hope you are hungry for mushrooms, if so, please take a seat. Dinner is about to get served.

Like I explained in my previous posts we only use a little part of the coffeebean, to be precise just 0,2% of the coffeebean makes its way into our cup, the other part gets thrown away. I already have presented some great ideas in my last posts, to use and upgrade this waste product. Now I have found the following amazing idea, which can with ease be put to practice at home.

„Chidos Mushrooms“, is the name of the organisation I want to introduce today. With their engagement they want to contribute to a healthy nutrition, the recycling of ressources and the fight against starvation and poverty. Their project is inspired by the recycling economy.

This form of economy ensures the basic needs of humans considering the enviroment, which is the basis of our existence and making sure that the ressources are used as efficiently as possible. Furthermore they want to achieve a paradigm shift from an economy where only goods of poor quality are affordable to a system, where you can provide quality goods for a reasonable price.

Since 2010 the coffeegrounds from coffeeshops, hospitals and similar institutions are being collected and picked up several times a week to guarantee the freshness of the coffegrounds.

They are the first company in Germany, who invented this method and they share it as open source  knowledge on their website.

But how exactly is it possible to cultivate mushrooms on coffeegrounds ?

To create the substrat for the mushroom production, the coffeegrounds get mixed up with mushroom spawn. This mixture gets packed up in substrate bags and are placed in different rooms. They have one room for the incubation period and one room for the fruiting stage.

Possible mushrooms to cultivate are the oyster mushrooms, the pink oyster mushroom and the golden oyster mushroom, to expand the selection, we have to experiment a little more.

You can buy a set on their page or use their open source knowledge to cultivate mushrooms on your own. Maybe I will try it on my own and keep you posted.






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