A happy new year!

This year, will be a very special year for me and I want you to join me on my journey. But I don`t want to spoil you too much. The only thing that I want to tell you now, is that in september I will complete my education as a nurse and so I will take a further step in my life.

The first post this year, I want to dedicate to my family and friends, who have encouraged me with their active support in the last view months, to pursue my blog.

So today I want to show you what I got for christmas and the new year.

A giftcard from Changemaker:

I`ve already told you how much I love the store changemaker and now I got a giftcard and I surely will use it in the near future to buy something great and tell you the story behind the product. Thank you very much!



Sea-Life Souvenir:

The parents of my boyfriend brought me a souvenir from Sea Life, I first thought that it was a simply aquarium but the pen made out of a 100% bio-degradable and out of tea grounds caught my attention. On their website I discovered their environmental organization Sea Life Trust.



With the global Sea Life Aquarium chain, they are able to reach a huge audience. At the moment they have a new campaign for endangered seaturtles. But they also stand up to reduce plastic litter, combat  the overfishing and increasing the marine protection.

I woud love to be a part of it and will tell you in one of my next blogs what I`m going to do.


For more information and in case you want to donate or share it just check out their website. It`s also great if you share the informations so we can raise awareness for our oceans.


Coffee jewellery:

This very nice jewellery arrived last week from Australia. I have also received earrings as a gift from Marie and I am so greatful for it.  They just pep up my outfit and so I have decided to show you some pictures of it.




What are your plans for 2018? Did you discover something exciting in your winter holidays? Feel free to comment your thoughts!



3 thoughts on “A happy new year!

  1. Liebe Naomi
    Da bin ich wieder und habe dein Blog weiter gelesen. Geniesse die Geschenke, die du erhalten hast und dir verdient und auch erarbeitest hast.
    Ich bin auf dich und deine Schwester sehr stolz, da ihr eine Philosophie in euch trägt, die für die heutige Zeit sehr wichtig ist.
    Ich begleite, diskutiere und werde auch vieles hinterfragen, was alles zu einem wunderbaren Ergebnis bringen wird.
    Freue mich auf die weiteren Informationen und Inspirierungen.
    Von Herzen Anne

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