Pelacase, in any case!

How can I reach you? Oh of course, your mobilephone! That was the first thing I thought about when a good friend of mine tagged me on this site. There is nothing you can`t do with your phone these days, even moving around seems strange without your loyal assistant.

Therefore and because our phone is a very big part of our daily life, we should always care and protect it. But there are a lot of cases, beautiful and in every color, how can you decide?

Pelacase Brand-

Pelacase simplified that decision. Have you noticed that almost every phonecase is made out of plastic? We don`t even know how damaging they could be on a daily basis. We take them into bed, we look up something while we`re eating, we study and spend countless hours with our device.

I think I`ve made my point. Pelacase, offers a great alternative; the first case that is a 100% compostable and eco-friendly. This case is flexible, free from: BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalates and of course NSF Tested. The case is made with a starch-based biopolymer, recycled materials and flax straw “waste“ for added strength. The manifacturing of  the cases produces less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastic and even their packaging is plastic-free and they try to do a minimal packaging to reduce waste.

Fan-Photo by zerowastechica

Their goal was, to produce a product, that you use day-to-day, to create awareness everyday. With this product they want to produce less plastic waste, be more independant from non-renewable fossil fuels, encourage people to try alternative products, that are equally good and to be a role model for other companies. Good job!

With their new limited edition, they support the organisation Save The Waves, which protects coastal ecosystems around the world. In any case I will buy one of those and a little post about the Save the Waves organisation will follow.

I hope I was as convincing as they where to me and wish you a nice week! You can now write me also privat messages with the contact form.

PS: with this link you get a 20% discount on the Pelacase cases, the link is valid till 19.02.18, and with every case you buy, I get 3$ for donation for an organisation of my choice from a list.

Warm greetings and as always there is no pressure, even sharing an idea can have a lot of impact!

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3 thoughts on “Pelacase, in any case!

  1. Der Schutz unserer Umwelt wird immer wichtiger vorallem in unserer Konsumgesellschaft, wo die neu erkauften Handys nach einem Jahr schon praktisch wieder veraltet sind und gleich wieder ein Neues her muss. Mit dem Kauf einer umweltfreundlichen Hülle ist das ein sehr guter Anfang coole Idee 🙂 schade gibt es hauptsächlich nur IPhone Hüllen o.O

  2. Hi Naomi,
    it’s nice to see your blog growing!
    If you are interested in how many people reach your blog, you should consider using google analytics. I guess there should be a plugin for wordpress.
    I’m probably more eager on how many they are than you, so let me know! Greetings!

    1. Hello thank you very much for beeing still a loyal follower, it`s a great idea, of course I was to scared to see how many people are actually following my weekly posts but I installed it today so I will keep you updated once I have the first results. Greetings N 😀

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