Hello and a beautiful sunday to everyone. I want to end the last sunday of january with an inovative, funny and motivating idea. The idea is not only good for your health but also for the environment. This shows that you can achieve great things with a small idea.

Photo by Mārtiņš Zemlickis on Unsplash

The new trend from Sweden is called Plogging and it`s a combination of the word “Plocka“ (means picking up) und Jogging. But “how does it work?” was my first though. But then I started watching those extremly funny and inspiring videos, with people gathered to fight against the littering in their city. The idea of running around with a bunch of people cleaning up the city and the nature was very motivating and I think it`s great that the word is spreading almost as fast as those people are running.

After a certain time they meet for an evaluation of the waste they have collected and take care of an appropriate disposal. I think of it as a very good idea to do something for your health but also for the environment. At the same time they raise awareness and maybe the people who are watching them, don`t throw away their cup into the woods but into a trash can.

Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash


Erik Huss was one of the first starting this trend in Stockholm, but now you can find different groups on Facebook who go plogging together, he says around 80 ploggingevents have already taken place. Even other countries, for example Germany are considering Plogging as a new way to clean-up the environment and meet new people. Together we can beat the ridiculous amount of litter laying around in our beloved cities.

Here you can whatch an amazing video: Maybe on youtube you can find one in english but you get the idea.

Plogging is only one of many projects, which help cleaning-up our planet. Those actions often take place at the beach because there, the problem spreads into the ocean.

In Mumbai for example 2015 the lawyer Afroz Shah began to pick up trash every weekend for about 1,5 Years, then people began helping him and they cleaned up a whole beach from 7,2 millions of kilogrammes of litter.

What is Switzerland doing about it ?

In May  2007 the IGSU was founded by the recycling company IGORA-cooperative for Aluminiumrecycling and the PRS-association PET-Recycling Switzerland. IGSU is an organisation for a clean environment, which does a lot of advertising, awareness-raising measures at Schools and different comunities and every year they organize the national Clean-Up-Day. This year it is on friday the 14th of September and saturday the 15th of September. Together with the school, friends, comunities or other associations you can gather some people and set a sign against littering and for a clean Country.

If you like to register for the clean-up campaign feel free to join here Register, maybe we can go plogging together around the city?






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