Spring can come now!

Today is all about trees and plants here, I don`t know if you know but I am very bad at gardening but I always try to blame it on my apartment. I`ve chosen this matter because I hope that it won`t be that long until spring is finally here.

Photo by Gustav Gullstrand on Unsplash

So I have browsed around some webpages inspired by a post my little sister showed me on Instagram.

Treeanies was the post, that showed me some great beanies, that are perfect for this still cold time of the year. But they don`t just keep your ears warm, they attempt to cool our climate. Not only do treenies do a great job, also the treeshirts and treehoodies but what`s the matter, with those tree analogies?

NIKIN, a swiss brand, has joined forces with Onetreeplanted, a non-profit organisation. Nikin supports onetreeplanted with one dollar for every bought product from their treecollection, this means that for every sold product a tree is beeing planted. In addition you can even decide if it is planted in Indonesia, Canada, Kenia or Peru.

Here you can check out the Tree-collection

Now some facts about Onetreeplanted.org, this Organisation was founded 2014 with the purpose to protect our environment. They work with different reforestation partners to maintain a tree survival rate of 80-90%. With their slogan „ A dollar, a tree!“, they call for a little contribution to make a difference in this world.

More about  Onetreeplanted

Why are trees so important?

Trees do not only use CO2 and give us clean oxygen to breath, they keep our water clean and are a habitat for about 80% of the biodiversity on this planet. But they not only play an important role for the environment, but create about 1,6 billion jobs for people and even ¼ of our medicine is made out of plants and trees.

But not only Onetreeplanted.org is devoted to this objective, there are many  other organisations for the realisation of this goal.

The last organisation I want to introduce you to is; WeForest, with the Slogan „Making Earth Cooler“, they are also a big part of reforestation and reduction of the CO2 amount in the atmosphere.

According to latests research findings, even if the carbon dioxide emissions would immediately stop, there is so much CO2 already in the atmosphere that it could continue to warm the planet for hundreds of years. Therefore we have to reduce the amount in the atmosphere and stop producing so much CO2 in order to make a difference. Forests help sucking CO2 into soils and biomass, 50% of a tree`s biomass is carbon which remains stored, unless the tree decays or is burned. Approximately there is more CO2 stored in the global forests, than there is in the atmosphere.

Planting trees is a cost-effective and efficient way to store CO2 and relieve our environment. Around 2 billions of hectares of land have been identified as having potential for forest restoration.

The Bonn Challange has declared that till 2020 they want to plant 175 billion trees. While the New York Declaration on Forest wants to restore 350 million hectares of deforested and degraded soils by 2030, this represents the surface of India. This may be enough to limit global warming to 2°C. I will keep you updated on this matter.

More about  WeForest

At the moment they don`t have the treeshirt I want in my size but I will keep you informed and in the meantime try  to improve my gardening skills.

For some tipps and tricks feel free to write me in the comments or private.

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