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And another week has passed so quickly and it is time for another blogpost. I hope you’ve had a great week and are ready for a new one.

I have really a lot going on right now but I try to keep you updated and even my website had a little update. I hope you like it and just write in the comments if you think that I can change something else. Shoutout to my boyfriend, thank you for helping me with all of this.


So for this week I have chosen something from my beloved Switzerland, so maybe you can’t relate if you are not from here but eitherway it can be a great idea or maybe you have it in your country as well.


So I was looking at the showcase from a bookstore as I saw a big blue ribbon on the window. It was written on it, so I was very interested in this label and I started my research. I’ve realized quickly that this label was very common in the district, where I work.

So what is the matter with this label?

This label guarantees a high quality oft he products and a professional service. The companies which have this label, think ahead, get involved on local issues and act sustainable.

Only just in Basel, we have a big problem with the stores in our city center, the shops are exchangeable and only big chains can pay the rent for the stores. A lot of pressure comes from the internet stores and the cheaper offerings from abroad. With this label, there can be a variety of new shops and it can be a chance for local provider to open up a shop. Also the money that is spent local can help the people to improve their quality of life and get paid fairly. Even cultural and social institutions can profit from this label.


I know it was a very short post but it was important for me to talk about purchasing local things. Sometimes it is enough to just go grocery shopping at the local market or visiting the local bookstore. There are some cute clothes or souvenirs you can buy only in this shop and it is great to support those little shops in the city center.


I will go and check out some of those stores and tell you more about it, what about the special stores in your hometown? Tell me more…!! Check out their website 😀







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