Hello, As you may have heard in the news over the past few weeks, the latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change) report has been released on October 8th. It explains how the current climate warming affects the earth and that it will not be enough to keep global warming below 2 ° Celsius, but it is necessary to keep the warming below 1.5 ° Celsius.

Link to take a closer look at the report:

IPPCC Report

That means that we are all under a great pressure to do our best. Personally, the rapport shocked me at first, but then it motivated me to do even more to make a change and helping people to take a turn into the right direction. Of course, I hope to infect you with this and to tune your minds in a positive way with a new blog post on small things in life that you can change and cause absolutely no restriction.

  1. Coffee mug from Tranquillo

Once again, I went to Changemaker and walked past a To-Go mug, which I just fell in love with. It is entirely made of bamboo, which is a sustainable growing material and I can use it again and again. It is even dishwasher suitable as well as odorless and tasteless.

With the purchase of a long-lasting to go mug, one works against the deforestation of trees, one saves petroleum and water.

Tranquillo as a company:

Tranquillo is a family business that deals fairly with its partners. They are committed to the environment by advocating the production of goods that conserve resources. For example, they mainly use organic cotton for their fashion, have been awarded a GOTS seal, and their carpets have been awarded a Goodweave label, which means that no child labor and certain social and environmental criteria must be respected. If you are interested in Tranquillo yourself, you are welcome to visit the website, here is the link to my mug. I personally liked the design because it suits my current yogi-lifestyle. Lionsbreath everybody!

Bambus To-Go Mug

  1. Chocolate from Choba Choba

I love chocolate and anyone who knows me, knows that I attach great importance to good quality and fair production. Now I have discovered the tasty Choba Choba at the changemaker tasting table.

This is the first Swiss chocolate brand to overhear cocoa farmers so they are not only raw material suppliers but also involved in the company’s decisions and success.

The chocolate is a complete success, delicious and of high quality I support the Swiss chocolate industry and the farmers who make it possible.

Of course, I bought my dad a tenderly bitter bar, which he relished. On the official website you can make a subscription, where you get several times trial packs. I will take a closer look at this. In general I like the idea of ​​the chocolate revolution a lot!

Write me in the comments if you have subscribed and write me your favorite chocolate bar my current is Alicia.

Chobachoba Website

  1. Gartengold-Juice with a Mission.

And again I could not resist the tasting table and had to take a sip of this juice. I’m talking about a unique apple juice, unique not only because the idea is remarkable but also because every bottle of juice is peerless.

What makes this juice so special?

It draws attention to various important issues of our society and at the same time offers a great solution.

They work against food waste by picking the apples from private gardeners that could not use the amount of apples.

Collecting the apples is done by people who suffer from an impairment so that they can be integrated into the society again.

And the selection of different apples ensures the biodiversity of Swiss apples, which also ensures a seasonal harvest.

The juice is not only delicious but is made from 100% apple and no additives.

Gartengold Juice Website








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