Simply changing the world! 10 little things you can change in the New Year:

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First of all, all the best wishes for the New Year. I wish everyone a good beginning and would like to thank all of those who read my blog regularly. A warm welcome also to all new-readers.

Inspired by the project: “We are what we do”, directed by Patricia Taterra, and her accompanying book, I just wanted to share with you my 10 favorite, let’s call them plasters, for the New Year from this book. The book is already a bit older but the ideas for everyday life are still as current as before.

1. Exercise


Most of the people I know want a good and healthy body for the new year and are planning to do more sport, so why not combine it with the daily distances you have to cover. Buy a bike or get your old one out of the cellar and go to the city, to work or to your relatives. This saves energy, CO2 and in consumption it only costs a few calories and fat cells.

PS: It does not have to be a new bike, there are many bike markets for used ones.

2. Let there be light!

Turn an energy saving lamp in, not only is it better for the environment, it is more durable and therefore cheaper. So you can do something for the earth and your wallet.

3. Use paper on both sides

A small difference for the use, a big difference for the forest. With the amount of misprints you generate within a month, you can create a notebook. Especially if you have children, they can paint on the back, but also for adults, any free space on the paper can be used to take notes. Even with other documents that you print, you can change the printing setting to bothside printing and you have already saved half of the paper.

4. Use your tea-kettle properly.

Boil only as much water as you really need, less water cooks faster and saves electricity. And do not forget your tea! It lies in your favorite cup on the kitchen shelf trembling from cold and is waiting to be drunk. So boil half of the water and then pour a little cold water in the cup, so you can enjoy the hot tea.

5. Fair Trade

If we find fair trade products on our shelves, it is because we live in a privileged country and we have the freedom to make such a decision. A decision that can affect many people and the environment positively or negatively. Not only are the farmers paid fairly, but because of the additional conditions, fewer fertilizers and pollutants are used in the Fairtrade projects.

6. Waste belongs in the bin

Now living without waste, I would not classify into the category “Simply changing the world”. However, not littering and leaving trash in our nature is easy. If you’re having a picnic, just take a garbage bag, the same for the car and other places without bins. Best even if you also recycle Pet and Alu.

PS: Also cigarette butts and chewing gum make up a large part of waste, and should always be put in a trash can.

7. Local shopping

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times before, but sometimes it’s hard to buy locally. Give it a try. There are the small shops that are still waiting to be discovered but also in the big supermarkets, there is usually a local / regional offer. Maybe you will find a favorite shop and even great neighbors. Local means to do something for our next environment and to help shape our city or our village.

8. Give up the plastic bag, plastic dishes … straws? Who needs straws anyway?

No, honestly, there are moments when you can not avoid plastic. Nevertheless, try to reduce the amount of plastic, especially reducing the single-use plastic is easy. Buy a cup that means something to you and you can not easily part from. Buy a glass bottle, you do not need a labeled one or cheap glass jar and make a cool piece of it. Since creativity is something which is not only important in the new year, but keeps you young.

9. Discover your green thumb

A tree can produce oxygen for 2 people for the span of their entire lives. But do not worry, if you do not have the space for a tree, you can also do urban gardening or create a small herb garden. Of course, a pot plant is enough, just try it. I myself have no green thumb at all but still keep trying again and again.

10. Smile!

It does not change the fact that we have a lot of plans, but it makes it more enjoyable. Motivating others is also part of the job and above all, working together.

I hope I could at least put a smile on your face and I wish you all the best for all that is coming for you.

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