Planting trees, while surfing online?

Hello my dear readers,

This week there is a very small patch, but I hope this little tip can make a huge change, because anyone can do/use it.

Doing something good while surfing online?

With the search engine Ecosia this is easy, the more you research the better for the environment. For every search, Ecosia proceeds from advertising.

In turn, they use 80% of the monthly profit to plant trees where they are most needed. For example Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Peru, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Morocco, Ethiopia, Tanzania and many other countries.

In doing so, they not only help tackle climate change and include CO2 into nature, but also support farmers who can use these funds to provide their children with education. At the same time, the ecosystem is being strengthened again, and where forests have been replaced by deserts, there is a way for the vegetable kingdom to sprout again. This in turn nourishes the soil, thus making the land fertile again.

Even wild animals can go back to their once lost home.

I’ve been using Ecosia now for four months and have already planted 93 trees. It takes about 45 searches to plant a tree. There is a counter that motivates one to diligently research things!



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