About me

Hello Guys!

My name is Naomi Fumarola, yes you can guess by the name I`m italian but never forget my other half is spanish. Born in Switzerland, I`m very lucky to be raised multicultural, I speak 5 languages. Ok, my french is not very good but I can communicate and whats more important then communication?

So whats more to tell about me? 

I`m a passionate singer, I love everything about music. To feel it, to hear it, to dance (even if I`m a really bad dancer, but who cares)…

My life has always been about things I`m passionate about or really like to do. I also like to move a lot like; jogging, swimming, ride the bike and since I`m learning to surf, I love to surf.

Cooking is another thing I absolutely like. It can be so relaxing and has a lot to do with creativity. I adore trying some new things and be inventive.

So maybe, my background?

As I already wrote I was born in Basel (Switzerland), where I still live. I have my parents and my sister heart who I love with all of my heart. Since 2014, I live in my own little apartment, with just one room, one little kitchen and a bath (hey, its something right?). Main reason to move in was my boyfriend, who means everything to me. With him I did my first surf-trip and road trips. He opened my eyes to this wonderful world and I hope more travelling will follow.

My whole school career is hard to explain but I was at high school here. At first I had the dream to become a doctor, since a little girl I wanted this, so I worked hard for it. In Switzerland when your finish high school you have to absolve a exam to study medicine, so I did it and did not pass this exam. As I got back the results I realized that I wanted to do something else. I started to study earth sciences to do the bachelor and then finish with the master in sustainable development. Everything changed as I begun to study, I had the feeling that I was not ready at all to study so I decided to do first something more practical before thinking about other possibilities. I quitted  the “university” after absolving one great year with my project-group which I have founded with two of my study colleagues. I`ll tell you more in one of my blog-posts.

After all this I started my formation as a nurse.

Why this Website? 

The environment is still one of my biggest thoughts, when I go to sleep. I`ll never go to bed without thinking about all those beautiful thing we have on this earth and I`m so grateful for everything mother nature gives us. I want to make a change on this planet and I want to encourage as many people as I can, to do the same, not only for themselves but for everybody. I think that I`m not the only one who thinks like this and I already started some projects but until now I never had the chance to share all my thoughts with other people around the world.


I`m an over thinking person and I hope you can help me organize, understand and support my thoughts. You`re very welcome to come and reflect with me.