What does sustainability mean?

Definition in the dictionary:


1.the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed.

2.Environmental Science. the quality of not beingharmful to the environment or depleting naturalresources, and thereby supporting long-termecological balance

Well this word is needed at the moment everywhere and in all areas. Recently, sustainability and its thoughts have become a true trend. But if you focus on the real meaning, it is not such a novel word or concept.

Sustainable means simply being aware of the resources you have and not exploiting them. To work in harmony with nature so that she has enough time to regenerate. Industrial development thus has a large share in the over-exploitation of available resources, I deliberately do not use the word of our resources because they are not. The earth does not belong to us, we are part of it and as part of it we should behave. We are also part of nature and it does not help to fight back against it every day.

Through this website, I see my chance to make a change in the minds and actions of the people who read my blog. I hope to encourage people to make a difference in the use of resources. The support of sustainable projects and ideas is very important to me. To share my own ideas and maybe to realize myself in some projects.

As always, it’s just my thoughts, and I do not want to preach to anyone, nor point my finger at anyone. This is just an expression of my thoughts and feelings.

I don’t want to deny that we, as humanity, have achieved a lot. However, Earth has also suffered as a result of our development, our ideas need resources, our technology needs raw materials and we take everything Mother Nature has to offer and more. The problem is that it is never enough, it has to be bigger and bigger, faster and faster, more and more and the earth is not getting any better. And instead of pausing and paying attention to the signs she gives us, we simply ignore this as a collective. I don’t speak to everybody but sadly there will always be people who focus on accumulating more wealth, instead of trying to think beyond the big picture. It’s similar to a person just before burnout, you can get a lot out of her, ask her one more favor, maybe accuse her: “But last time you had time to do it,” and in time, this person shows signs of fatigue and exhaustion, ignoring this and blaming it on something other than the fact that the person is drained, eventually she will be so broken that she may never return to work, loses her family, or goes to a clinic, and the same happens to our planet.

Nature needs a break, it shows us with the extinction of animals, with the global warming, with the weird weather overthrow and much more.

We need more than ever, a more sustainable development, an interaction between man and nature. It is important to take a step back in a few of the technologies. Especially when it comes to hunting and gathering. For generations, we have become more and more technological in sourcing food, we have come to a point where we have to ask ourselves why?

Through this development, we have made a significant step backwards in the preservation of our health, and worse, we have exploited nature so that nature has begun to defend itself, the soils are breaking down, more and more drought periods are causing hunger around the world Many places in the world lack clean water sources and this is only the beginning.

This leads to other trends such as vegetarianism and veganism and don’t get me wrong, I do not think it’s bad to not kill or exploit animals. The problem is that many lack a balanced diet, and diets and trends govern our purchasing and thinking. It is important to respect the animal husbandry, to act against mass animal husbandry, to pay other people fairly and not to promote the creation of artificial food. In a democracy, every one of us affects our society. Thus, it is important to incorporate our values ​​in our purchasing.

My values ​​in terms of my food are: the good livestock farming to buy seasonal and possibly regional products, natural products that are not processed to death and contain so much chemistry and antibiotics that you get the feeling of poisoning yourself. And, of course, the fair payment of the people who work every day to make sure I have something on my plate.