An idea: Farm in a basket

First Project:

The first idea, I want to share with you is; “Farm in a basket”


Farm in a basket, is a project I would like to realize in different schools in Basel (Switzerland), but of course I would love to encourage other Countries and Cities to do the same. The idea is to grow seasonal plants in schoolyards using big baskets. The basket would be equipped with a smart-screen where the children could see how much water or other nutrients are needed for the plant to grow. The main reason why I want to do this in schools is because mostly, parents don`t have enough time to show their children where their food comes from. Its important that they know that fruits and vegetables don`t grow in the supermarket. Equally important is, that they are able to see what grows in which season. By getting an awareness of what is seasonal or even what grows in the region children will be more aware of how far the food has to travel to the supermarket.

I would like to start with one school to see if there`d be financial backers to support the project. For the children a weekly gardening-class would be beneficial. It`s important that children can get an idea of what work is necessary to bring their food to the table.

With the earned food, the school could; cook together, do charity work (for example for refugees) or sell it on a market every 2 weeks or seasonal.

I know my idea isn`t ready to realize but I think it`s essential that thoughts are shared so they can expand. I will follow this idea. And maybe my next blog-post will show my next steps 🙂






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