Save The Waves

In one of my latest blogpost I have introduced you to Pelacase and their collaboration with Safe The Waves. Now my case has finally arrived and I am so happy to tell you about it. I am very excited to tell you a little bit more about this organisation.

The mission of Save The Waves is to protect coastal resources. They help with different actions and economics. They do different campaignes and have three important projects I want to write about in this blogpost.

First of all World Surfing Reserve which was founded 2009 by Save The Waves in cooperation with National Surfing Reserves (NSR) Australia and the International Surfing Association (ISA). With this program they help to protect Surfspost and coastal ecosystems. It is very important to preserve the natural environment letting the waves break as they do naturally. Other values like the cultural, economic and ecologic ones are protected as well.

It is important to say that everyone can be a part of it and if you want to preserve an endangered coast or your favorite surfspot you can write an application explaining why it is important to protect this precise area and after a selection process maybe your place gets chosen for an official dedication. At the moment they can only choose one place a year but they consider some applications also in the next years to come.

The other program which is a brilliant part of Save The Waves is Surfonomics. They define the economic value of a wave and surfing for the local communities and give special advise on how to protect the coast and waves. That is also important to stand up against people who are trying to destroy those habitats.

The last program I want to introduce you to, is named Endangered Waves and of course tries to recover or save endangered waves. They do a lot of research  to slow or stop threat on the ground. They look for strategies to solve the problems and give advise. You can support the different places by signing up for the petitions or supporting them with money or sharing on social media. Here you can find some endangered waves and see what you can do about it.

For me as a sealover/amateur surfer/environmentalist it is very important to advertise and look out for the things that are important to me. So thank you for sharing.






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