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Hello, I am so glad you are here for another sunday with my blog. Sadly it`s not very sunny in Basel but that`s just another reason to stay at home and read my blogpost. At the moment I am very busy so I have to say my idea of this week was just an accidentally scroll on Instagram, while I was eating my porridge at 6:00 a.m.

4Oceans is the organisation I want to introduce you to this week. Similiar to my slogan, theirs is “One pound at a time” and their goal is to clean up the oceans.

The idea, was a result of a surf trip taken by Alex und Andrew to Bali in 2017. They noticed that the local fishermen would fight through the polluted water to go fishing and come back with a rather little success. The overfishing and the amount of plastic in the sea is a very big problem for the locals, it is a threat for the tourism, the economy and in particular for the environment.

Photo by Filip Cernak (@wylify)

So both decided to employ the fishermen to “fish“ the trash out of the ocean, they would pay them fair in order to give them enough to feed their families. So the ocean would get the chance to recover itself and get cleaned up. The trash gets disposed and removed from the water. At the same time they create bracelets from 100% recycled materials. By purchasing a bracelet, they remove one pound of trash from the ocean, the money helps them to achieve new goals. In the first year they already managed to pull 250`000 pound of trash out of the ocean. They are active in 16 different countries and they are growing fast as an organisation. Everybody can join, if they want to.

For this year they have set a new goal and aim to remove one million pounds of trash 2018. As you already know I am a big fan of little ideas that have a big impact. So I already bought one bracelet of the limited edition. The limited edition bracelet is a collaboration with Polar Bears International and they help to protect polar bears,  try to preserve their Arctic habitat, try to offset Co2 from the atmosphere and reduce the Co2 amount.

I hope this post was not to short and if you are interested in a blogpost about Polar Bears International or just contact me. If you like you can share it as always!

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