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A Plaster A Day

  • Koffie Recycling Nederland

    Koffie Recycling Nederland

    This is the firs project I want to present in this serie of posts, because it was also the one, who gave me the idea of starting those coffee related posts. In the Netherlands around 120 Million Coffee beans are consumed every year. Thats also the reason why the Netherlands can call themselves, fifth largest […]

  • Coffee


    Coffee I really don’t know where I would be without my daily treat of coffee, ok well I probably would be sleeping… But what most people don’t know is that coffee is a lot more then just late nights of work. Its actually good for your health if you don’t drink too much of it and […]

  • Changemaker


    Since I first entered the Changemaker store, ethic kisses aesthetic, I wanted to tell the whole world. I was overwhelmed by the little world I was put in. A place where everything gets considered. Innovative and fresh you get a cozy feeling when you go shopping there. A wonderful fragrance prevails throughout the room and the […]

  • Die Uni- Trennt

    Die Uni- Trennt

    “Die Uni-Trennt!“ Apposite to the sustainability weeks at the university Basel I would like to talk about my time at the university and about a project that is very important to me. 2014/15 I first stumbled across Boost during a lecture. Boost is a sponsorship program at the university of Basel, which supports projects, who […]

  • An idea: Farm in a basket

    An idea: Farm in a basket

    First Project: The first idea, I want to share with you is; “Farm in a basket”   Farm in a basket, is a project I would like to realize in different schools in Basel (Switzerland), but of course I would love to encourage other Countries and Cities to do the same. The idea is to […]

  • Welcome to A Plaster a Day!

    Welcome to A Plaster a Day!

    Hello my name is Naomi and I am a qualified nurse and doctor in training. I started “aplasteraday” ages ago because I am convinced that you can achieve more and be stronger as a community than if you act alone. The topic: “sustainability”, is a very big part of my everyday life and I love […]